If you need it for your business, Indoff has it.

My partnership with Indoff is at the heart of how I save my clients money. I can help you source all your business needs at huge savings.

Forget about the “soft costs” of having your employees (or yourself!) obtain the daily essentials for your business. Orders can be automated and shipped directly to you. We take the pressure out of procurement.

We also create work environments that fulfill your workers’ needs and promote employee health and safety. From sound management to ergonomics, we have what your staff needs to feel comfortable and safe at work. Our solutions reduce turnover while leading to increased productivity and better customer service.

Speaking of customers, we design commercial interiors that welcome your guests and clients into a professional environment that expresses your corporate culture. The consistency they experience at your location will translate into higher satisfaction, elevated brand awareness, and increased profits.

From schools and restaurants, to office spaces, warehouses, and healthcare, Indoff has what you need to make your commercial interior (or exterior!) a comfortable and inviting place. We’ll work with you to create and implement design solutions that save you time and money.

Don’t be overwhelmed with all that Indoff has to offer. While it may seem like the choices and possibilities are endless, I’ll help you determine your needs, and set up a system to make regular orders a breeze.

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Indoff’s Divisions and Resources.

Any space where you work, eat, sleep, build, study, or engage with customers or peers, Indoff provides the products and services that make your business stand out. These are just some of the resources available:

Commercial Interiors
Office Furniture, Outdoor Seating and Dining, Laboratories, Schools, Healthcare, Design Resources, Space Optimization 

Material Handling
Conveyors, Wire Racking, Pallets, Mezzanines, Modular Buildings, Storage Equipment, Material Movement, Ergonomic Equipmentss

Business Products
General Office Essentials, Breakroom, Janitorial, Sanitation, Safety, Technology, PPE

Energy Solutions
Indoor LED Lighting, Outdoor LED Lighting, Retrofit Kits

Air Conditioners, Appliances, Commercial Laundry, Specialty Products

Promotional, Apparel & Printing
Mugs, Cups, Hats, Caps, Shirts, Lanyards, Decals, Brochures, Banners, Merchandizing Solutions

As an Indoff Sales Partner, I am qualified to act as your owner's
representative and project manager for all your buildout needs.

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